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Breedlove Eco Collection: Earth Conscious Guitars That Look & Sound Great

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The Compromise 

Have you ever played a visually stunning acoustic guitar only to discover that it sounded terrible? Chances are it was laminated construction. Yes, it's a plywood guitar! Laminated guitars with exotic-looking veneers may be beautiful, but they do not resonate very well. They sound boxy and have poor projection.

The best-sounding acoustic guitars are constructed of all-solid wood, but they come with a higher price tag making them out of reach for players on a budget. However, you can compromise and buy a more affordable guitar with a solid-top soundboard and laminate back and sides. These guitars sound good but may not offer the same visual appeal as those boxy-sounding veneer top acoustics.

Breedlove's New Sustainable EcoTonewood

Imagine an acoustic guitar that looks stunning, sounds excellent, is built using an environmentally friendly process, and is still at a price point within reach of many players. 

Breedlove Guitars has accomplished this with their new sustainable laminate technology called EcoTonewood. As a result, they are building an acoustic guitar that's as good for you as it is for the planet. The Breedlove Eco Collection guitars are solid top instruments with the back and sides built with renewable, sound-enhancing, EcoTonewood.

This new tonewood design has a resonant core layer of African mahogany in place of the typical tone-robbing softwoods used in standard acoustic guitar laminates. As a result, the Eco-Series is as close as it gets to producing the same excellent tone of an all-solid wood guitar. 

There are three tiers of the Eco Series. The Discover Series, starting at $399, the Rain Forest Series at $549, and finally the Exotic Series ranging from $699 to $1299.


The Discovery S Series

The Discovery S Series is a perfect introduction to the world of guitar playing. It features a thinner neck profile with a narrow nut width and a radiused fretboard for ultra-easy play. 

 A pinless Delta bridge makes string changing fun and straightforward. Carefully crafted with trademark Breedlove sound DNA, these instruments, featuring earth-conscious, sonically superior EcoTonewood technology, sound like guitars costing three times the price.


The Rain Forest S Series

The Breedlove Eco Collection Rainforest S Series is a new series of affordably priced guitars that honor the magnificent, mysterious Congo River Basin sounds.

Crafted with Breedlove's earth-conscious, sonically superior EcoTonewood technology, all African mahogany Rainforest guitars bring you a warm, immediate sound with a strong midrange emphasis and a ringing sustain, along with true environmental sustainability! In addition, versatile Concert body Rainforest guitars come in dazzling finishes like Papillon, Midnight Blue, Black Gold, and Orchid.


The Pursuit Exotic S Series

Exotic wood lovers of the world, unite! Imagine a world where exotic tonewoods are not only available but accessible and affordable. A world where you can be sure that the guitar you're playing has been sustainably harvested and crafted by expert craftsmen, a world where you can take your journey to exotic tonewoods with the Pursuit Exotic S Series from Breedlove. It is time for you to experience the pure, nuanced sound and striking visual beauty of exotic woods such as Myrtlewood, Koa, and Cedar.


Breedlove Pursuit Eco Series Sweetgrass Acoustic Guitar

At Guitars On Main, we are very excited to bring this line of Breedlove Guitars to our showroom. It's a great choice for earth-conscious buyers that don't have thousands of dollars to spend on an acoustic guitar. Starting at only $399 and topping out at $1299, the Eco Collection maintains an accessible, entry-level price point for the novice and an affordable high-end guitar for more experienced players. From beginners to the pro, the Breedlove Eco Collection has a guitar you'll love!



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