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Cleartone Guitar Strings Now In Stock!


An overview of some of the unique string options Cleartone Strings has to offer.


Guitars On Main now carries Cleartone strings. They are coated with a micro-thin treatment that retains the feel and tone of traditional strings. The results of this enhancement are 3-5 times longer string life. Cleartone strings were also tested to be 36% louder on average than the leading coated string brand. This patented award-winning treatment is less than one micron thin. Despite how thin the coating is, it can take the abuse of the hardest of strummers. There is no flaking, slippery feel or dead tone that other coated strings are known for.

Cleartone Guitar Strings Now In Stock!    Cleartone Guitar Strings Now In Stock!    Cleartone Guitar Strings Now In Stock!

Another exciting innovation by the folks at Cleartone is the EQ Hybrid Metal Acoustic Strings. They blend a variety of metals into a single set highlighting your guitars frequency response. Designed to mimic the best EQ setting of each wound string, each one uses a different alloy enhancing that string's natural frequency. They started with a 99% copper bronze for the low E to fatten up the bass. Phosphor Bronze is used for strings A & D emphasizing midrange. For the G string, an 80/20 bronze is used for its brightness and ability to cut through the mix. This unique combination creates a balanced tone that mimics a "perfect EQ setting" while playing unplugged.

Who uses Cleartone strings? Dave Mustaine, Tommy Emmanual, Queensryche, Stone Sour, Chevelle, Atreyu, Daughtry, and the list goes on!


Come to Guitars On Main when you're ready to restring your ax and join the growing list of players who use Cleartone strings!


Robert Putt

Robert Putt

Musician, guitar instructor, and owner of Guitars On Main.