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Hofner Hits Guitars On Main's Showroom

A quick overview of the legendary Hofner Violin bass. This instrument made its claim to fame when it fell into the hands of Paul McCartney of The Beatles.


The legendary Hofner makes its way into the showrooms at Guitars On Main. Founded in the city of Schönbach in 1887, The Hofner name has been branded on stringed instruments for over a century.

The latest addition to the GOM wall of guitars is the bass instrument Hofner 500/1. Introduced to the public at the Frankfurt Musikmesse in 1956, since then this model has been in continuous production throughout the years. Walter Höfner designed it as an alternative to the upright double bass.

Referred by many as the Beatle Bass, this Iconic instrument was thrust into notoriety by its most famous user Paul McCartney of the Legendary rock band The Beatles. With it's 30 "short scale and lightweight hollow body, this bass becomes a favorite with many musicians.

The Violin bass offers a tone of its own distinctive of other electric bass guitars. Used with flatwound strings, the 500/1 provides big thump from its smaller bodied build. From pop sounds of the 60s to modern music, this instrument can shake the house down with its massive tone. 

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