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Just in, the Laney GHR GH30R-112!

Some amps are good for one or two tones, like my 84 Marshall JCM 800 Combo for instance. It has a great overdriven sound when in the high channel but does not clean up well in the high or low input. Because of that, I prefer to play it using the low channel input so I can get a somewhat cleaner tone, but then I find myself missing the hot overdrive channel with that classic Marshall sound, and I try to replicate it with overdrive pedals. I come to realize that I would need two amps set up to get my desired sound when using the Marshall. One to assist with the cleaner tones set up with an A/B box. Well, that's a little more effort than I feel like exerting. I want one amp that can do it all.  

I've been discovering Laney amps can deliver on that need and produce the outcome that I desire. The Laney Iron Hearts and Lion Hearts I truly love. But more recently I got to try a few guitars through the all-tube Laney GH30R. It can cover an array of tonescapes and do it well. It's a rugged looking amp with a cool red and black color scheme. I plugged in expecting some good bluesy sounds coming out my guitar and that it did. I tested the clean side of the amp, and it is warm and clear sounding, and with a pull of a knob, it sends it into bright mode quite suitable for some tele twang.

I cranked the gain and scooped the mids, and it can pump out enough growl to handle metal as well. If I were playing that style of music with passive pickups, I'd probably have a distortion or a boost pedal for the more extreme demands of the metal genre, but this amp does well stand alone for most styles of music. Laney cranked out a winner here, and you can test drive this and other Laney amps, at Guitars On Main's showroom. 

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