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March 15th Marks One Year For Guitars On Main!

It's been quite a ride building a new guitar shop in Mount Joy! I did not exactly have to start from scratch. I relocated my previous business Robert Putt Studios which was in Lancaster Pa. on Wilson Ave.

I originally started the business in October 2009 teaching guitar. It gradually transformed into a guitar shop. Things were going well for me, I had acquired accounts with Schecter, Godin, Dean, BC Rich and more. I had surrounded myself with the things I was passionate about and was enjoying making a living at doing what I love.

 Robert Putt Studios Robert Putt Studios Showroom

But then one day, life decided to throw me a curveball. I had a new landlord who had other plans for the property that I rented for my shop. I was given a short 2 months notice right before Thanksgiving 2017 to vacate the premises. Looks like I'm going to be moving my business over the winter. Bummer! 

Moving guitars from Robert Putt Studios to Guitars On Main

Well, it was time to get busy and save my business! The search was on for a new location. I settled on the property at 84 E. Main Street Mount Joy PA. The place was in need of much work, but I could see the potential it had. Located at a busy intersection in Mount joy, it seemed like a solid choice to relocate. It's a nice town that's very much alive. It's also close enough to other surrounding towns making it a convenient destination for guitar player needs in the general area. 

It even seemed like better location than my old shop which was hidden behind a Turkey Hill out of sight from the ever so busy route 462. I had to fly a huge flag in the yard hoping to catch the eyes of those stopped at the traffic light at the intersection of Stone Mill Road and Columbia Ave.

Guitar sale

So let the work begin, time to build a new guitar shop!

With some repairs, new paint and carpet, this old house will serve as the home of my next venture. 

Laying out the walls for the guitar hangers. 

Getting the showroom ready

And finally a new home for my guitar collection!

Guitars On Main Showroom Wall

The acoustic guitar room at Guitars On Main.

Acoustic Guitar room at Guitars On Main

View from the back room.

Guitars On Main Showroom

View from the display stage.

Guitars On Main view from the stage

It was a ton of work, setting up a new shop while building a new website was a bit exhausting at times, but hard work does have its rewards! 

We officially opened our doors March 15th. 2018. It's has been a very positive experience for us. There are a lot of music lovers in the area, and we've built some great relationships with folks here.

I really enjoy meeting all the people who visit Guitars On Main, and I love listening to all the players who sit down and jam. There are so many talented musicians out there and a lot of them find their way into my shop. It brings back fond memories of mom and pop guitar shops of the past. Most in Lancaster were put out business after Guitar Center moved into town. It was sad to see them go. There are still some survivors out there and for the great love of music, I'm confident new shops will continue to emerge.

Guitars On Main has a very special opportunity here in Mount Joy to have a musical destination reminiscent of my past experiences. A shop small enough for our customers to have a very personable experience, but big enough to provide the services and products they need. But beyond that, we want to be a place that you can make some meaningful memories. Last October we had a guitar clinic with the legendary Michael Angelo Batio. What a treat that was! That's going to have to be the subject of a whole other blog! But let's throw in a little video for you to check out of that evening Oct. 24th. 

I had him sign the stage, what can I say, I'm a big fan! \m/

Michael Angelo Batio Signature 

Another great thing happening here is Mount Joy has 4th Friday events. Guitars On Main is having open mics on 4th Fridays to join in on the events. We started last summer on the porch, and we moved it indoors for the cold season. We're having a lot of fun and you're invited to hang out or perform!

Open Mic Guitars On Main

Open Mic Guitars On Main

So that about wraps things up. We would like to thank everyone for the great support we have been receiving in Mount Joy and we hope to grow with our local community and keep improving! Please share your thoughts or suggestions in comments below to help us steer this musical venture in the right direction!

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