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New Showroom Hours: Mon to Thur 11 AM - 8 PM, Fri and Sat 11 AM - 7 PM

New Showroom Hours: Mon to Thur 11 AM - 8 PM, Fri and Sat 11 AM - 7 PM

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D'Addario ENR72 Half Rounds Bass Strings - Medium 50-105, Long Scale

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ENR72 Half Rounds Bass Strings by D'Addario are the ideal choice for bass players looking for a smooth feel and reduced finger noise. These medium gauge, long scale electric bass strings deliver a satisfying tone that is comparable to round wound strings. Experience enhanced playability with the centerless grinding process used to finish the XL Half Round strings, resulting in a silky smooth texture that your fingers will love. The reduced finger noise allows for cleaner and clearer notes, giving you more control over your sound. Key Features:
  • Smooth Feel: The centerless grinding process creates a smooth texture, providing a comfortable playing experience.
  • Reduced Finger Noise: Enjoy cleaner and clearer notes with the reduced finger noise, allowing your playing to shine through.
Not only do these strings offer exceptional playability, but they are also built to last. D'Addario is known for their high-quality craftsmanship, ensuring that these strings will withstand the test of time. Get ready to rock the stage with confidence, knowing that your bass strings will deliver exceptional performance night after night. Invest in the D'Addario ENR72 Half Rounds Bass Strings and elevate your bass playing to new heights. With their smooth feel, reduced finger noise, and exceptional durability, these strings are a must-have for any serious bassist. Upgrade your sound and experience the difference with D'Addario.