Foxgear Tweed 55 Guitar Pedal Amp

The new Tweed 55 FETs preamp section truly mimics the behavior and harmonic content of the tube preamps like the American clean classic amps and the classic British tones. The Tweed 55 offers an abundance of crystal clean tones with plenty of headroom, place your favorite OD/Distortion in front and the tone is unbelievable.

Lightning fast response and harmonically rich, you will forget you’re not playing through a tube amplifier. The Tweed 55 are the perfect backup amp.

Power in: 24DC 4A (positive TIP)

Power Out: 55W RMA @40hm max 3%THD

Consumption: 2,5A

Input Impedance: >100K Ohm

Speaker Output Impedance: 4/8/16 Ohm

S/N Ratio: <90db