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Laney GH50R-212

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The GH50R-212 combo gives something back to the modern guitar player that for too many years has been overlooked. In a world obsessed by pre-amp distortion, the dark art of power amp distortion has been lost – until now. The GH50R-212 delivers transparent, versatile classic rock tones with the ability to blend in the dynamic characteristic of pre-amp distortion and power amp distortion right there at your fingertips. Loaded with a pair of Celestion Vintage 30’s the GH50R-212 delivers an impressive stage presence whilst remaining small enough to be portable. Both channels on the GH50R-212 produce the same tonal characteristic but how you set them up gives you the subtle difference that tone hounds dream about. This is the ‘amp tweakers’ delight! Whether it’s funk or melodic rock, whether you’re a hybrid picker or a shredder, the GH50R-212 delivers outstanding, dynamic, complex, harmonically rich controllable tone.





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