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Open Mon to Thur 11 AM - 8 PM, Fri and Sat 11 AM - 7 PM

Breedlove Launches New Organic Pro Collection

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We're thrilled to announce that Guitars on Main now carries the new Breedlove Organic Pro Collection! With their new all-solid-wood Pro Collection, you can have the quality of a custom-built guitar but at a much more affordable price.

Custom Shop Inspired Quality

Breedlove Wildwood Organic Pro

Breedlove's quest for acoustic guitar excellence starts at their Custom Shop in Bend, Oregon. Breedlove's designs are based on the knowledge they gather from their extraordinary work, the instruments they build, and the lessons they learn when building guitars in the USA. But the benefits of custom-built instruments aren't limited to their luxury models. They are available in every model of the brand. Breedlove is known for its quality craftsmanship and innovative design, and they applied that knowledge to their entire line of production guitars.

Cascade Bracing for Natural Sound

Breedlove cascade bracing

Breedlove built the first truly sustainable, all-solid-wood guitars for the consumer market. They wanted to make these guitars sound even closer to the showpieces made in their Custom Shop. Breedlove spent years perfecting the sound of their instruments, creating special bracing on each one, and compiling all the data for every guitar they built. The new Organic Pro guitars are equipped with the specially developed Cascade Bracing technology that allows their production line guitars to produce a sound that is as natural and refined as if it were a custom-built instrument.

 Fishman Flex Plus-T Electronics 

They also updated the electronics to help them retain the clarity and resonant sound they produce. Breedlove teamed up with Fishman to deliver the genuinely stunning tone you would expect from a custom guitar. All the new guitars in the Organic Pro line feature Fishman Flex Plus-T electronics. So they built a guitar that sounds and feels like it was custom-built from the ground up but at a much more accessible price.

Bridging the Gap for High Quality and Affordability 

 Breedlove's organic pro line of guitars fills a few critical gaps in the market. Hobbyists can now own a high-end guitar that features all-wood construction — all at an affordable price. Gigging players can buy these guitars and take them on the road with them — and the result is that they perform on a level of more expensive custom shop guitars.

Sustainability | No Sourcing from Clear cut Forest 

Anyone that buys a guitar from Breedlove is helping to protect the world's forests by purchasing from a company that uses sustainably harvested wood.

Breedlove values its forests and believes in supporting fair business practices while buying its products. As a result, Breedlove has created a line of affordable, all-solid-tonewood guitars that musicians of all types can afford without compromising on looks or features.

Organic Pro Guitars are made from the highest quality solid woods. Solid woods. Totally sustainably sourced. Professional performance. New acoustic guitars that sound great and look beautiful at a highly reasonable price. Organic Pro. They are the ultimate guitar for professionals and hobbyists alike, all while being friendly to the planet.

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