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New Showroom Hours Begin May 6 - Open Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm

Godin Guitars | Awesome Quality And Value

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Have you had a chance to try out Godin Guitars? This award-winning guitar manufacturer from Canada has been around since 1972. With high profile players such as Rik Emmett, Steve Stevens, and Rodger Waters playing their instruments, Godin has earned a respected name in the music industry. All instrument bodies and necks are produced in La Patrie, Quebec with North American sourced wood. They are then assembled in their Quebec and New Hampshire factories. A few of the popular models include the A6, Multiac ACS, Session, and the LGXT.

Godin A6 Koa electric guitar

 A6 Ultra 


The A6 Ultra hybridguitar is what lead me to discover this diverse guitar company. This steel-string guitar has a magnetic pickup at the neck and an under-saddle piezo pickup that delivers a beautiful acoustic sound from its two-chambered body. With a satin finish on a 22 fret mahogany neck and slim body profile, the A6 has the feel and comfort of an electric guitar. The single-cutaway body and neck heel profile make it easy to play higher notes. It's the perfect solution for those needing an instrument that can sound like an acoustic or an electric guitar all in one and do both well.

Godin ACS Denim Blue Flame  ACS Denim Flame

The Multiac ACS guitar is a nylon-stringed guitar with a fast 22 fret neck attached to a single-cutaway body. If you want the sound of a classical guitar with an electric guitar's playability, then the ACS can deliver. Another great feature is that it won't feedback in loud settings. Taking things up a notch Godin installed a Custom RMC bridge for synth or midi capabilities. The 13-pin output jack is Roland GR Synth ready. This guitar can produce many different voices that can be combined in various configurations.

Godin Session LTD Cherry Burst Session LTD 

The Session LTD is a beautiful strat style guitar, but a little lighter and smaller-bodied. It's very comfortable to play and has a killer tone with its basswood body. Equipped with Godin's true-loc tremolo, you'll have great responsive action from your tremolo bar because the setscrew adjustment eliminates the sloppy fit that many other systems suffer. With its Seymour Duncan Custom SH-11P, this Humbucking bridge pickup will give you all the crunch and sustain you need when you turn things up. The push-pull tone control can split the SH-11P for a nice twangy single-coil tone. The volume levels between the two settings are balanced as well.

Godin LGXT AAA LGXT Cognac Burst Flame AA

The Godin LGXT is the latest model that has been added to my personal collection. What appealed to me was its 3-voice capabilities. It's equipped with Seymour Duncan pickups and an RMC TOM Bridge. The Hexaphonic RMC bridge system allows you to get a sweet acoustic tone. Impressive considering it's coming from a solid - body guitar. It's also wired to a 13-pin output jack so you can plug into a Roland guitar synth. I have not explored that feature yet, but it's in my plans for when I get back to recording. Imagine being able to sound like a multitude of different instruments and not have to learn how to play any of them. That's pretty exciting, and I can't wait to explore the soundscape that the LGXT can travel. Some of the other features include a flame maple cap on a maple body and a 22 fret mahogany neck with a 16" radius. The Seymour Duncan pickups are the Jazz SH 2N at the neck and the Custom SH -11P at the bridge. With its 5-way switch, these pickups can also be split into single coils. All three voices that this guitar produces can be blended or isolated with the three separate volume controls, making this one of the most versatile guitars that I've ever played.

I'm surprised more local musicians in my area are not aware of this awesome brand. It's always a treat to have the chance to introduce a player to their first Godin in my shop. Often they had intentions of buying a more familiar USA name instrument but were swayed once they plugged in the Godin. I have become a bit addicted to the brand myself. I have my eye on a couple of the Passion models right now. I am trying to resist, but I'm sure I'll find an excuse to buy just one more. Have you played a Godin yet? If so, what did you like or dislike about it?

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