New Showroom Hours Begin May 6 - Open Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm

New Showroom Hours Begin May 6 - Open Mon-Sat, 11am-7pm

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Blaxx 3 Modes Distortion Mini Pedal

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Introducing the Blaxx 3 Modes Distortion Mini Pedal, the versatile distortion pedal that brings your guitar playing to the next level. Whether you're a beginner exploring new sounds or a seasoned musician looking to add some edge to your performances, this pedal has got you covered.

Made with a durable die-cast metal housing, the Blaxx Mini Pedal is built to withstand the demands of the stage. Its compact size, measuring just 95 x 45 x 48 mm, allows for easy transportation and fits seamlessly onto your pedalboard.

Equipped with three distortion modes, this pedal offers a wide range of tonal possibilities. With the Gain, Level, and Tone controls, you can easily shape your sound to suit your preferences. Whether you prefer a warm, vintage tone or a heavier, modern distortion, this pedal delivers in spades.

Featuring a true bypass foot switch, the Blaxx Mini Pedal ensures that your original tone remains unaltered when the pedal is not in use. The LED indicator conveniently shows whether the pedal is engaged or bypassed.

This Blaxx distortion pedal can be powered either by a 9V external DC adapter or a 9V battery with an adapter (not included). This gives you the flexibility to play on any stage without worrying about power options.

With its 6.35 mm (1/4") jack input and output, connecting the Blaxx Mini Pedal to your guitar and amplifier is a breeze. Get ready to unleash your creativity and explore new sonic territories with this powerful and compact distortion pedal.

  • Offers three distortion modes for versatility
  • Durable die-cast metal housing ensuring long-lasting performance

Upgrade your guitar playing with the Blaxx 3 Modes Distortion Mini Pedal and start creating music that stands out from the crowd!