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Breedlove Oregon Concert Bourbon CE Myrtlewood

Made in the USA Breedlove acoustic guitar.

Newly available in the Bourbon burst, the Oregon Concert CE Myrtlewood – Myrtlewood is a versatile play style acoustic-electric guitar that has become an instant favorite with players around the world. The Breedlove sound comes through bold and clean with balanced bass, mids, and highs reminiscent of rosewood.


Sustainable & Clear-Cut Free

Breedlove uses no clear-cut woods in its Made in Bend models. It’s that’s simple. Featuring sustainably sourced all solid exotic and native tonewoods handcrafted by skilled luthiers who are as sensitive to the needs of the earth as they are to building the best sounding and playing guitars available anywhere.

Oregon Concert Bourbon CE


We are pleased to present these detailed specifications for your 2020 Breedlove guitar, which was designed and handcrafted in Bend, Oregon. In addition to its dimensions, we have listed every piece of solid wood used in this model, giving its common name, scientific name and country of origin. We use no clear-cut wood. We salvage fallen timber or individually harvest trees to minimize impact on the forest. You can travel worry free with your Made in Bend Breedlove—no permits are needed. Still, if you plan on trekking internationally, we suggest printing this information and carrying it with your guitar to avoid misunderstandings or prolonged waits with customs officials.

Wood and Animal Contents

Top Myrtlewood | Umbellularia californica | United States
Back and Sides Myrtlewood | Umbellularia californica | United States
Neck Eastern hard rock maple | Acer saccharum | United States
Fretboard African ebony | Diospyros crassiflora | Republic of Congo
Bridge African ebony | Diospyros crassiflora | Cameroon
Headstock overlay African ebony | Diospyros | Republic of Congo
Body Binding Black
Body Purfling Basswood | Tilia americana | United States
Fretboard Binding None
Fretboard Purfling None
Headstock Binding None
Headstock Purfling None
Bracing Sitka spruce
Back Strip / Side Brace Honduran mahogany | Swietenia macrophylla | Guatemala
Kerfing African Mahogany | Khaya senegalensis | Republic of Congo
Bridge Plate Eastern hard rock maple | Acer saccharum | United States
Neck / Tailblock Eastern hard rock maple
Bridge Truss No
Logo Polyester
Fretboard Inlay Offset Dots
Nut / Saddle Bone

The Breedlove Play Style system was created to help you, the player, select your sound and playing style. Finding the most appropriate guitar to fit your sound requires finding not only the correct body shape, but the proper tonewood combinations to fit your style of play. Each Breedlove guitar is designed for a specific playstyle and sound, the Play Style systems assign a playing style icon to each instrument.

V | Versatile Play, Multiple Styles: Breedlove crafts most guitars with a versatile “all-purpose” sound and feel – well balanced between strumming and fingerstyle play.