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Acoustic Guitar Pickups | Easy DIY No Cut Installation

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So you have an acoustic guitar, and you want to be able to amplify it on stage without standing in front of a microphone.

You've tried the sound-hole mounted pickups and found out the tone they deliver reminds you of the neck pickup on your electric guitar. 
Or maybe you don't want to spend a lot of money installing an onboard preamp system that requires cutting into your guitar and forever altering its acoustic tone.

How cool would it be if you could keep your guitar exactly the way it is and still amplify it?

Meet the KNA SG-2 acoustic guitar pickup

KNA acoustic guitar pickup

Natural Sound

KNA SG-2 acoustic pickup is designed to capture the natural tone of a guitar’s body and strings. It is an effective, affordable choice for recording, live performances or rehearsals. The piezo transducer pickup produces a full sound with great string definition and depth.

There is no battery required, and there is no need for you to drill holes or cut the side out of your guitar to install it.

Two cables are included so you can hit the stage — a 9-ft. 1/8" to 1/4" and a 3-ft. 1/8" to female 1/4" jumper with safety clip to connect with your instrument cable.

Easy Installation

The DYI installation of this pickup can be done in three easy steps. 

1. Loosen your strings
2. Slide the pickup under the strings right behind the saddle
3. Tune your guitar 

 That's it, easy peasy! 

You now have a great-sounding piezo pickup installed on your acoustic guitar that is also removable. 

Not Just for Guitars

KNA also makes pickups for violins, banjos, etc., so if you need an acoustic instrument to be easily amplified, KNA has the solution. 

KNA pickups banner

KNA Pickups - The Best of Both Worlds

Guitars on Main is excited to be able to help guitarist solve the problem of amplifying their acoustic instruments by offering KNA Pickups.

No Longer do you don't have to play your acoustic guitar standing in front of a microphone that constricts your movement and causes feedback.

Drilling and cutting your acoustic guitar up for an onboard preamp system is not necessary; there is no need to sacrifice your guitar's natural tone and beauty to amplify it.

KNA allows you to have a pro-sounding affordable solution that is easily installed and removed so you can have the best of both worlds with your acoustic guitar.

Check out our KNA collection and find your sound, or contact us so we can help you find the KNA solution for your acoustic instrument today!

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