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Glider Capo | A Songwriter's Tool

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A capo is a device used on a stringed instrument to raise the pitch of the strings, thereby creating a new chord. There are several different types of capos, but the most common is the spring-loaded and elastic capos. This article will discuss a very innovative design by Greg Bennett called the Glider Capo.

What is a Glider Capo? 

Glider Capo

The Glider Capo, also referred to as a rolling capo, is a type of capo that attaches to the guitar's neck and can be "rolled" up and down the neck to different positions, allowing the player to access different keys without having to re-tune the guitar.

This is an excellent feature for guitar players who like to experiment with chords and create new styles and techniques which can result in unique musical compositions. 

How to use the Glider Capo

The Glider Capo features a spring-loaded design that makes it simple to attach and remove. You simply pull it apart and wrap it around the guitar neck. When not in use, the Glider can be stored over the nut of your guitar neck.

You can roll the Glider Capo with your thumb or picking hand up and down the guitar neck for seamless chord and key transitions as you are playing your song. This technique can visually captivate your audience's interest; it's unusual and cool to watch. But it also lends itself well to creativity and makes for an enjoyable listening experience.

What are some Advantages of a Glider Capo?

The Glider Capo is easy to use; you pull one of the end caps off, wrap it around the guitar neck, and replace the cap. It has soft rubber rollers that won't damage your guitar neck or frets, and the dual spring system prevents the capo from putting too much tension on your strings, so your chords will sound great no matter where you position the Glider.

You can quickly roll this capo into different positions for key changes and store it at the nut without affecting the tuning of the guitar when not in use. 

Check out this video by Greg Bennett, the inventor of the Glider Capo.


Great Songwriter Tool

The Glider Capo is an excellent tool for songwriters. You can seamlessly transition to new keys anywhere in a song for real-time modulations. Try it with open tunings and apply your favorite fingerpicking patterns to spark creativity and uniqueness in your compositions. Writing songs just got easier!!!


The Glider Capo is beneficial to songwriters and guitar players of all levels. It provides a smooth gliding action that will not damage your guitar neck or frets. You can quickly roll it into different positions for key changes and store it at the nut without affecting the guitar's tuning. The benefits of the on-the-fly key changes will add new life to your compositions and performances and captivate your audience. The Glider Capo is a must-have for any songwriter's tool kit.

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