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Music Nomad | Guitar Care Made Easy!

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Music Nomad Equipment Care

Guitars On Main is happy to welcome Music Nomad Equipment Care to our store. These innovative products make caring for your gear easier and safer. I love how the tools are built as to not scratch or mar finishes. Take for example the Spanner Wrench. It's great for tightening toggle switches, adjusting thumbwheels, and popping off friction fit tone and volume knobs.

Guitar Tools 

Another favorite of mine is the 17 n' 1 Octopus wrench. The handle is made of super-tough ballistic nylon. It is engineered to adjust various sized hex nuts without damaging your hardware or parts. The other end of the multi-tool is used for inserting the 10 different included bits that are needed for guitar repairs and adjustments. 

Guitar Cleaner 

This next tool makes cleaning in those tight spaces a snap. Did you ever try getting your cleaning cloth underneath strings between the bridge and pickups on an electric guitar? Well, then you know what a pain it can be. The Nomad 2 pack toolset makes getting the dirt between tone controls, machine heads, pickups, or any other tight place on your instrument easy to do.    

 Bridge Pin Puller

How about a bridge pin puller that won't damage your guitar? Those buggers are always getting stuck. With the Nomad Bridge Pin Puller using the power of leverage and a soft rubber lining, you'll be able to remove those stubborn pins without marring up your bridge or guitar top. 

Guitar Care Kit

And finally, the first product I tried from Music Nomad. The Guitar ONE - All in one cleaner, polish, and wax. But the great thing about this product is that it delivers a beautiful protective shine that hides scratches. 3 products in one also save you time. 


Fretboard Conditioning

You can get The Guitar ONE polish with the Music Nomad Premium Guitar Care Pack - 3 Piece that includes F-ONE fretboard oil and microfiber cloths. The F-ONE oil will clean and hydrate your fretboard without the acidity of traditional  lemon oil conditioners. 

Trusted By Leading Music Industry Professionals  

It's easy to see why some of the leading repair benches and guitar manufacturers keep Music Nomad products in their shops. Kiesel, Riversong, and Cordoba to name a few. Their products are also on tour with the guitar techs for Shinedown, Killswitch Engage, Neck Deep, Machine Head, Gavin James, Asking Alexandria, BillyBio, KT Tunstall & LimpBizKit.

Music Nomad tools make it easier and faster to get the job done and in a way that minimizes the risk of damaging parts and finishes.

They also have a great line of humidification products, drum care, amp care and more. You can browse our online collection or stop in at our store in Mount Joy for a demo. We use these products every day in our shop and are certain they'll make caring for your equipment easier for you too!

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