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Reviving Your Guitar's Frets: The Comprehensive Benefits of Level, Crown, and Polish

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If you're an avid guitar player, you've likely spent countless hours refining your skills. Over time, however, you might notice that your guitar's performance starts to wane. One of the culprits could be worn-out frets. But fret not, an expensive refret job may not be the only solution. A level, crown, and polish procedure could bring your guitar back to life and make it even better than new.

Understanding Fret Wear: Causes and Material Variances

worn out guitar frets

The Science Behind Fret Wear

Every time you press a string against a fret, microscopic particles wear away from the metal. This wear accelerates with the string's vibration when played, eventually leading to noticeable changes in the frets' shapes.

Fret Material Choices and Their Impact

Different fret materials have different wear characteristics. Nickel-silver frets, being softer, are more prone to rapid wear but are also less expensive. Stainless steel frets are a modern alternative, offering a much longer lifespan due to their harder constitution. Although they are costlier initially, the long-term savings and decreased frequency of maintenance make it a worthy consideration.

Comprehensive Symptoms of Fret Wear

What to Watch For

Grooves or divots in the frets can cause fret buzz or dead notes, diminishing the tonal quality. Flattened frets result in poor intonation, making your guitar sound out of tune even when properly tuned. A scratchy, gritty sensation during string bends is another indicator. Visually, you may notice flat spots, divots, and a lack of luster on the frets.

Level, Crown, and Polish: More Than a Quick Fix

fret leveling

The Procedure Unveiled

Leveling involves sanding down the frets to a uniform height, removing grooves and divots. Crowning reshapes the frets to their original curved profile, allowing for better intonation and cleaner note separation. Polishing smooths out any remaining rough spots, resulting in a comfortable and aesthetically pleasing finish.

Beyond the Frets: A Comprehensive Setup

It's not just about the frets. A level, crown, and polish often include a full setup. This setup encompasses action adjustment, intonation setting, truss rod fine-tuning, and critically, the nut slots are adjusted to accommodate the new fret height. This meticulous calibration can often make your guitar play better than a brand-new model straight from the factory. 

crowning fretsfine sanding fretspolished shiny fretslevel crowned and polished frets

The Beater Guitar: An Asset in Preserving Your Main Instrument

By diverting everyday wear and tear to a secondary "beater" guitar, you save your main instrument for performances and recordings. This strategy lengthens the lifespan of your primary guitar's frets and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

Localized Next Steps: For Those in the Mount Joy, PA Area

If you're local to the Mount Joy, PA area and experiencing fret wear or other issues with your guitar, we invite you to bring your instrument in for a professional evaluation. Visit our Guitar Repair Page to learn more about how a level, crown, and polish can rejuvenate your guitar's performance and extend its lifespan.


Fret wear is a fact of life for any guitarist, but it doesn't have to spell the end for your beloved instrument or empty your wallet. Through an in-depth level, crown, and polish procedure, your guitar can often be made to play even better than new. And with smart choices like considering stainless steel frets and employing a beater guitar for daily use, you can enjoy a long-lasting, enriching relationship with your musical partner.

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