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B-stock & Refurbished Guitars

Better than used, cheaper than new! Deals on refurbished, factory seconds and B-stock guitars!
Here you will find new B-Stock and like new refurbished guitars and basses. In most cases, the refurbished guitars are not pre-owned by the end user. Let us explain, the majority of guitars in this collection were new and have a blemish or were in need of a repair. The manufacturer sold these guitars to a wholesaler specializing in refurbishing guitars to be resold as used. 
A small percentage of these guitars might be customer returns of new guitars. Upon inspection when returned, they showed slight signs of use and could not be resold as new. 
Most of the guitars will have a USED stamp on the back of the headstock and a new serial number issued to prevent warranty claims. 
Some of this collection is B-Stock and will have a warranty if we are an authorized dealer for that brand. This info will be displayed in the descriptions. 
We buy them for less and so should you! If you don't mind minor cosmetic issues in exchange for a nice price, then these guitars are perfect for you!
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