Free shipping on orders over $150 in the lower 48 states

Free shipping on orders over $150 in the lower 48 states

Breedlove Eco Collection

Ecotonewood helps make all the difference

Breedlove's ECO Collection focuses on two things: conserving the world's forests and optimizing the sound of acoustic guitars. Breedlove's new ECO Collection is designed to do both. Breedlove has developed a process to integrate three layers of sustainably harvested tonewood, so that they sound great and they are not as harsh as other laminated materials. Breedlove's ECO Collection redefines what a guitar can do, by incorporating a sustainable, integrated tonewood core into the body. With our new ECO Series instruments, you can play a guitar that looks great and sounds great, while using renewable and sound-promoting EcoTonewood. Breedlove ECO Collection - Designed with woods that can be harvested sustainably, and built with tonewoods that are durable. Now, the sound of an excellent, natural guitar can be good for the earth.