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New Showroom Hours: Mon to Thur 11 AM - 8 PM, Fri and Sat 11 AM - 7 PM

Klos Carbon Fiber Acoustic Guitars - Built To Survive Harsh Conditions

  • 3 min read

Are you neglectful when it comes to the care of your guitar?

Do you keep it under-humidified? Do you ever leave it in your car on a hot day? Do you leave it stored in a damp basement? Are you just clumsy and knock it over or bump into things?

If any of your answers are yes, then Klos built a guitar especially for you! Handcrafted in the USA, the Klos guitar body is made of carbon fiber. The carbon fiber is 60X's stronger than wood, so I don't ever expect to see one of these guitars in our repair shop for a cracked body or sunken top. 

Klos really put their guitars and ukuleles to the test. Here are videos of folks dropping cinder blocks on them and these instruments survive!

The next video shows a Prius running over the carbon fiber ukulele. Again, it survives but is soon destroyed under the weight of a big SUV. After watching these videos, I would say the Klos carbon fiber guitars are more rugged than you will ever need.  

Rugged and unmatched durability

So now we know Klos guitars can take the hard knocks, making them a great choice for anyone needing a travel guitar. But they also eliminate a pain point of owning a wooden acoustic guitar. You need not worry about storage. It's going to survive dry, hot, damp and cold conditions. The carbon fiber is very stable, so if you want to leave this guitar in your hot car all day because you have a guitar lessonafter work or maybe you just like to have it handy everywhere you go, you need not worry! 

But, it should be noted, the Klos guitars have a wooden neck, so if you plan on subjecting yours to these types of harsh conditions, opt to get one with carbon fiber stiffening rods to prevent the neck from warping and twisting. 


How do they sound? 

This can be subjective. I did not have high expectations for the tone of a carbon fiber guitar. Before I ever had my hands on one, I assumed it was built more for durability and not meant to replace the sonic experience of a wooden acoustic guitar.

But, their full-size guitar managed to exceed my expectations and this guitar is loud enough to keep up in a jam circle with your friends no problem. It has a pretty well-balanced tone, and to my surprise, the low end of the guitar was cutting through nicely. Will it sound as good as your Martin or Taylor? I don't think so, but it was never meant to do that.

This guitar is for the folks who need a rugged, yet good sounding instrument to drag along on their adventures, or even for the gigging musician who plays guitar for a living. 

Surprisingly, the smaller travel-size option has a good a midrange punch that cuts through the mix when played alongside bigger acoustic guitars. It's louder than I expected, and will hold its own at those campfire jams.

If you upgrade to the electric travel version, you can get a nice full tone out of that little guitar worthy of performing on any stage. I plugged one into a Fishman Loudbox and it sounded great. 


The Klos guitars have detachable necks which makes them great for tight storage. The travel size with its full-scale neck will fit in your backpack or suitcase, so flying with your guitar is no problem!

To sum it up, Klos carbon fiber guitars are a great alternative for those who are rough on their instruments or in need of a travel guitar that you can easily fly with. They sound good enough to get the job done and will perform nicely alongside a wooden guitar. Although I do believe a solid wood guitar will always be preferred for its tone and beauty, I don't see anything replacing that. But, it needs to be protected from dryness and humidity and can easily crack upon impact.

For that reason, Klos carbon fiber guitars can be a great addition to anyone's collection, it will spare your wooden dreadnought from the elements and rigors of travel while providing you with a good sounding instrument that can literally take a beating and still deliver reliable performance.




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