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Who Plays Godin Guitars?

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For many guitar players, finding the perfect guitar is a never-ending pursuit. It's a quest for an instrument that can accurately capture the sound they hear in their head and translate it into their music. For some, that search leads them to Godin guitars - a brand that has become synonymous with quality, innovation, and versatility.

Since 1972, Godin has been creating string instruments that focus on crafting high-quality guitars, from hybrids that can sound like an acoustic or an electric guitar to nylon string Multiac models that can trigger a Roland synth.

Godin has earned a reputation among the crème de la crème of guitar players, attracting artists from genres as diverse as heavy metal, hard rock, classical rock, blues, and jazz. In this article, we'll take a closer look at some of the guitarists who have chosen to play Godin Guitars and try to understand what drew them to these exceptional instruments.

Steve Fister playing his Godin guitar

Steve Fister, a renowned rock guitarist, vocalist, and composer, boasts a prolific career spanning several decades. His remarkable collaborations and session contributions have solidified his standing among the most esteemed musicians of our era. Fister's impressive roster of collaborations includes notable artists such as Bon Jovi, Quiet Riot, Joe Satriani, and Steve Vai. He has also acted as musical director and guitarist for Lita Ford's global tours.

Fister's passion for music is evident in the diverse array of instruments he plays, particularly the Gold Top Godin Summit and Montreal Premiere guitars. He is celebrated for his extraordinary guitar prowess, distinctive playing technique, and deep-rooted affinity for American blues music, which continues to shape his sound. Fister's compositions have graced various media, including Mel Brooks' "Spaceballs," the popular TV series "Supernatural," and the video game "Rock Band." Moreover, he has captivated audiences in packed venues across Europe and appeared in the guitar documentary "Blood Frets and Tears."

Whether on stage or in the recording studio, Steve Fister's unwavering commitment to his artistry and ardent love for music is always apparent. As a result, Fister serves as both an inspiration for aspiring artists and a beloved icon in the global music community.

Rik Emmett and his Godin A6

Rik Emmett, the  guitarist of the iconic Canadian rock band Triumph, has left a lasting impact on the modern music scene in Canada. His solo career is equally noteworthy, showcasing his versatility and skill in blending various genres such as jazz, blues, flamenco, and bluegrass.

Interestingly, Rik's unique artistic name resulted from a spelling error in the first album of Triumph, which he decided to embrace throughout his illustrious career.

In addition to his impressive musical talents, Rik also shares his knowledge and experience with aspiring musicians. He currently teaches music business and songwriting at a prestigious college in Toronto.

Rik's innovative approach to guitar playing has led him to explore various guitar models, ultimately finding the perfect match with Godin guitars. His preferred A6 Ultra model offers a harmonious blend of humbuckers and an acoustic piezo pickup, resulting in a warm and controlled sound that maintains an acoustic guitar tone with the feel of an electric guitar.

Rik Emmett is undoubtedly a respected and influential figure in Canadian music, leaving a lasting legacy through his extensive body of work and his commitment to sharing his expertise with the next generation of musicians.


Alex Lifeson with his signature Lerxst guitar made by Godin



Alex Lifeson, also known as Aleksandar Zivojinovic, is an incredibly talented and versatile musician who has earned a well-deserved status as a rock legend. He has inspired countless musicians in the third and fourth generations of rock, as well as progressive metal guitar players, making him a prominent influence in the music industry.

In addition to his exceptional guitar skills, Lifeson significantly contributed to the music world as a key member of the legendary band Rush. The band's legacy is not only based on their exceptional musical masterpieces but also their unwavering commitment to sound engineering. Lifeson and the band pushed the boundaries of technology and creativity to achieve their desired sound, solidifying their place in music history.

In the album Test for Echoes and the title track, Lifeson utilized the Godin Acousticaster to record parts of the album. This choice showcases Lifeson's appreciation for the Acousticaster's unique ability to provide acoustic-like sounds while still maintaining the electric guitar's power and versatility.

Over the past several years, Lifeson has been working closely with Godin on developing a signature model guitar.The new Alex Lifeson Lerxst signature guitar by Godin is now available for pre-order at Guitars on Main. 

Overall, Alex Lifeson's talent and impact on the music industry are undeniable, making him a true inspiration to many aspiring musicians. With the forthcoming Alex Lifeson Signature Godin Guitar, fans and musicians alike can anticipate a high-quality instrument worthy of the legend himself.

Steve Stevens and his Godin guitar

Steve Stevens is a renowned lead guitarist, and his name is instantly recognizable to many music enthusiasts. He is widely known for his work with Billy Idol and his contributions to the supergroup trio Bozzio Levin Stevens, featuring the legendary Terry Bozzio and Tony Levin. Levin is known for his work with King Crimson, Peter Gabriel, and Liquid Tension Experiment. In addition, Stevens has collaborated with various famous artists, including Michael Jackson.

Stevens' exceptional skills as a lead guitarist were prominently featured in the iconic movie Top Gun, where he recorded the lead guitar for the main theme.

Stevens is well-versed in his use of Godin guitars, and his preferred model is the Godin Multiac ACS Nylon electro-acoustic guitar. This guitar provides the ideal support for his complex flamenco techniques, allowing him to execute intricate fingerwork and picking techniques with precision and subtlety.

For over 25 years Stevens and Godin have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration, which has produced significant progress in both guitar playing and manufacturing. Their partnership has made a lasting impact on the music industry, and Stevens' exceptional talent and dedication to his craft will undoubtedly continue to inspire musicians and we look forward to hearing what is next by this great artist.

Mike Scott and his Godin 5th Avenue

Mike Scott is an American musician born and raised in Washington D.C. He graduated from the Duke Ellington School of Performing Arts and went on tours with Juicy and Peaches & Herb. In pursuit of new opportunities, Scott moved to Minneapolis and became a session guitarist for Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis for 12 years. He played on hit albums for notable artists such as Mariah Carey and Janet Jackson.

Scott's exceptional talent and versatility have made him one of the most respected musicians in the industry. He has toured extensively with Prince and has performed with Justin Timberlake, Timbaland, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys. His enduring passion for music is reflected in his commitment to exploring new musical territories and pushing the boundaries of his artistry.

One of the reasons why Scott's sound is so distinctive is his choice of guitar. He is known to play two different Godin models: the LGX-SA and the 5th Ave. The LGX-SA is a versatile electric guitar that produces a wide range of tones and features a unique synth access system, allowing the player to blend synth and guitar sounds. The guitar has been used by a number of notable musicians, including Steve Stevens and John McLaughlin. The 5th Ave, on the other hand, is a hollow-body archtop guitar well-suited for jazz and blues. It has a warm, full-bodied sound that perfectly complements Scott's playing style.

Scott's exceptional musical talent and his commitment to exploring new musical territories have led to his success in the industry. He has contributed to some of the biggest hits of notable musicians and has made significant contributions to the world of music.

Robert Trujillo and his Godin A5 bass

Let's take a moment to recognize Robert Trujillo, an exceptional bass player whose musical journey began as a member of Infectious Grooves, a metal-funk band with a sound that resonated with audiences of all kinds. He then went on to play bass for Suicidal Tendencies, collaborate with legends such as Alice In Chains' Jerry Cantrell, Ozzy Osbourne, and Black Label Society, and in recent years, became a member of one of the most iconic bands of all time - Metallica.

One of the instruments that Trujillo often uses on stage is his signature bass, the Goddess A5, made by Godin. This bass is the perfect fusion of acoustic and electric, combining the warm, organic sound of an acoustic bass with the reliability and versatility of an electric one. And with Godin's commitment to crafting instruments that sound as good live as they do in the studio, the Goddess A5 is a true testament to Trujillo's incredible talent.

So whether you're a die-hard metal fan or simply someone who appreciates great music, it's impossible not to be impressed by Robert Trujillo's artistry and the remarkable quality of his Godin basses.


Youtube video of Metallica playing Godin guitars


Kirk Hammett and his Godin A12

Kirk Hammett is a legendary musician and guitarist, best known as a member of the heavy metal band Metallica. His signature playing style has influenced countless guitarists worldwide. Kirk is known for pushing boundaries and experimenting with sounds and techniques to create something unique and enduring.

In addition to his work with Metallica, Kirk has collaborated with other artists and created solo projects. He has always been passionate about the guitar, and his love for the instrument is evident in everything he does. This passion has led him to work with many different guitar brands, including Godin.

One of Kirk's favorite Godin guitars is the Godin A12. This semi-acoustic guitar's unique sound perfectly complements Kirk's playing style. The A12's design is a fusion of traditional and modern elements, resulting in a versatile and reliable guitar. Its comfortable neck makes it easy to play even for extended periods, and the semi-acoustic design produces a warm and rich sound resistant to feedback while performing on stage.

Kirk has used the Godin A12 in many live performances, showcasing its exceptional sound quality and playability.

Paul Warren Dean and his custom Godin guitar

Paul Warren Dean is an accomplished musician who rose to fame as a member of Loverboy in the 1980s. You could not go anywhere in the 80s and not hear Loverboy blasting through a stereo at a friend's party or on the radio as you cruised the streets. Loverboy was absolutely killing it back in the day.

Dean's exceptional guitar playing, combined with his unique sound and stage presence, made him a fan favorite and cemented his status as a rock icon. His catchy riffs and hard rock tone are memorable.

Throughout his extensive career, Dean has been a part of several bands, including Scrubbaloe Caine and Streetheart, and has contributed to several notable music projects, including the Loverboy song Heaven in Your Eyes, featured in the Top Gun soundtrack.

Dean is also a proud owner of several Godin guitars, which he frequently uses in his performances. Lately, his red custom Godin guitar, in particular, has become a signature part of his sound and style. In fact, fans of Loverboy can expect to see him playing this guitar during the band's 2023 tour.

Derry Grehan

Derry Grehan is a name many 80's rock music fans will recognize. As the lead guitarist and main songwriter of Honeymoon Suite, Grehan helped create some of that decade's most iconic rock songs. But he's not content to rest on his laurels. These days, he's still making music, touring, and even designing his own signature guitars.

Honeymoon Suite made waves in 1983 with their self-titled debut album, which quickly went triple platinum in Canada. The album was propelled by the hit single "New Girl Now," which received heavy airplay on MTV and MuchMusic. The band's follow-up album, "The Big Prize," was released in 1985 and helped to elevate them to even greater heights of success.

Over the course of their career, Honeymoon Suite released seven studio albums and toured relentlessly throughout North America and Europe. Their music became a staple on Canadian radio, earning them a dedicated following of fans.

Derry recently collaborated with Godin Guitars to create his own signature guitar. Grehan is thrilled with the project's outcome and is proud to be a part of the Godin Signature Model line of guitars. He commented on the TR-1, saying, "The attention to detail and fine craftsmanship on my new TR-1 Tread guitar is second to none. The team at Godin has really nailed it on this one! I love the guitar..... and you will too!"

Today, Derry Grehan continues to tour and record with Honeymoon Suite. He also makes regular trips to Nashville for co-writing and has collaborated with various artists, including Deric Ruttan, Jimmy Rankin, Patricia Conroy, and Eddie Schwartz. Grehan has even had recent cuts with new country artist July Lee and Canada's Sarah Smith. Grehan's talent, creativity, and passion for music continue to inspire fans and musicians alike.

Leonard Cohen and his Godin guitar

Leonard Cohen, a  blues singer-songwriter and a legend in his own right left the world in grief when he passed away. As a gifted lyricist, he began his career as a poet, but as his career progressed, his guitar playing became increasingly poetic and introspective, perfectly complementing his profound lyrics.

In many ways, Cohen's playstyle perfectly embodied what Godin's hybrid piezo-pickup guitars aimed to achieve - clear tonality, natural feel, warmth, bright overtones, and excellent resonance.

In the later stages of his career, Cohen's fans will fondly recall his live performances with his beloved black Godin Multiac ACS Nylon guitar. Cohen was also an avid collector of Godin guitars, which he enjoyed playing during his free time. The Multiac ACS Nylon is a true hybrid masterpiece, effortlessly bridging the gap between electric and classical guitars, merging the guitar neck and nylon strings into the world of electric guitars.

Al Di Meola is an acclaimed jazz fusion guitarist known for his virtuosic talent and unmistakable style. He has collaborated with some of the greatest musicians of our time, including Chick Corea, who invited him to join Return to Forever, one of the most influential jazz fusion groups in history. Throughout his illustrious career, Di Meola has consistently pushed his genre's boundaries and gained worldwide recognition and acclaim for his innovative and timeless music.

In addition to his impressive collaborations, Di Meola has established a successful solo career that has showcased his unique blend of virtuosity, sentimentality, sensitivity, and nuance. His passionate and sophisticated melodies have captured the hearts of audiences around the world.

Al Di Meola's exceptional taste and musicality are demonstrated by his long-standing association with Godin guitars. His preference for the Multiac Nylon SA model highlights its superior craftsmanship, versatility, and innovation. The Godin Multiac Nylon SA is a unique acoustic guitar that combines cutting-edge design with advanced onboard electronics, providing Roland synth access that Al masterfully integrates into his compositions.

Alex Skolnick

Alex Skolnick's versatility as a guitarist is evident in his ability to shred on a thrash metal track or improvise on a jazz standard, showcasing his ability to span multiple genres. Though best known for his role as lead guitarist and songwriter of Testament, Skolnick has also collaborated with other prominent acts like Metal Allegiance, Savatage, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

In addition to his work with these bands, Skolnick has dedicated a significant portion of his career to jazz, studying jazz performance at The New School for Jazz & Contemporary Music after moving to New York City in 1998. He has since toured and recorded with the Alex Skolnick Trio, known for their bebop renditions of classic rock and heavy metal tunes.

Skolnick's musical versatility is amplified by his use of various guitars, including the Godin Montreal Premiere, a standout instrument in his collection. With its vintage aesthetic and versatile sound, the semi-hollow electric guitar is a perfect fit for Skolnick's diverse playing style, allowing him to explore and master various genres with ease.

Ill Nino

Godin guitars are becoming increasingly popular among musicians who favor the the heavy sounds of alternative rock and this trend can be seen in the endorsement of Ahrue Luster, who was a former member of Machine Head (1999-2003) and Ill Nino and is now part of Lions at the Gate. Luster's musical style is diverse, spanning a range of genres from prog-thrash and nu-metal to djent and new-wave metal core.

Luster's appreciation for Godin guitars began after experimenting with nylon piezo pickups, which ultimately led him to fall in love with Godin's range of guitars. Along with his former Ill Nino bandmate Diego Verduzco, Luster used the Godin ACS Nylon SA and Multiac Nylon SA in many Ill Nino songs, both in studio recordings and live performances. This showcases the versatility of Godin guitars, which can suit a variety of musical styles.

 The fact that such prominent musicians as Luster and Verduzco have included Godin guitars in their musical endeavors demonstrates these instruments' high quality and unique features. As Godin guitars continue to gain popularity, more and more musicians will likely turn to them as a go-to choice for their musical needs. 

 In conclusion, as the world of guitar continues to evolve, so does the popularity of Godin guitars. These exceptional instruments are favored by some of the most talented guitar players across diverse genres and all walks of life. From professional musicians to hobbyists, Godin guitars have captured the attention and admiration of guitar enthusiasts worldwide.

Godin's dedication to innovation and quality is evident in each instrument they produce. The hybrid piezo-magnet A6 Ultra and the versatile Multiac guitars are just a couple of examples of the company's unwavering commitment to creating unique and high-performing instruments. And as Godin continues to experiment and refine their craft, the guitar community eagerly anticipates what new and exciting models they will unveil.

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