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New Showroom Hours - Open Mon-Thur, 11am-8pm | Fri-Sat, 11am to 7 pm

What Is A Refurbished Guitar?

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Many folks are not familiar with what a refurbished guitar is. We want to help you understand why these guitars end up sold as refurbished. Our Refurbished Collection is considered 'seller refurbished' and not 'manufacturer refurbished.'

Manufacturer refurbished is repaired by the original manufacturer and then sold to the end-user, meaning you the customer.

Seller refurbished guitars are sold by the manufacturer to a wholesaler who makes any necessary repairs and then resells to dealers who then sell to the end-user. These instruments are then considered 'used' but often are like new and most cases have not been pre-owned by an end-user. 

The following are the most common reasons these instruments were sold to be refurbished:

Cosmetic Issues

These guitars have blemishes and cannot be sold as new. They are in good working order but are cosmetically imperfect. In our store listings, we'll do our best to find these imperfections and take close-up pics and note them in the descriptions so you know what to expect when purchasing from us. 

In Need of Repair

Occasionally, new guitars will need to have defective parts replaced, or fixed. Other times, they are accidentally damaged by the manufacturer or broken while in transit to either the dealer or end-user. Guitars that end up getting damaged during transit often end up being returned to the manufacturer and resold to the wholesaler who will make the necessary repairs.

Customer Returns

Sometimes a customer is just not happy with an instrument for whatever reason. They return it within 30 days, but it shows some slight signs of use. They are given a partial refund, and the manufacturer cannot resell the instrument as new anymore. The guitar ends up getting resold to a wholesaler.

Discontinued and Old Stock

When guitars are discontinued or have been setting in storage for more seasons than expected, a manufacturer will be motivated to sell that inventory to a wholesaler. These guitars will be just like new but still considered as used. 

B-Stock and Factory 2nds

Some of our Refurbished Collection might include B-stock and Factory 2nds. If that is the case, it will be noted in the description and will have a manufacturers warranty if we are an authorized dealer for that brand.

Inspected For Quality

We re-inspect the instruments that have been through the repair process from our wholesaler and go over the setups to make sure they are playing at their best. But with any guitar, upon receiving you might need to make adjustments to the setup due to climate change from one region to another.

Refurbished Guitar Warranty

Seller refurbished guitars no longer have a manufacturer warranty. Most of the refurbished guitars will have 'used' stamped on the back of the headstock to prevent warranty claims.

But we are confident that these guitars will not fail you and we offer a 90-day warranty on our refurbished guitars. You will also have a 30-day trial and can return it if you are not satisfied. Please see our return policy for details.

If your guitar has a mechanical failure within 90 days of ship date, you can return it to us, and we will repair it for free. Please note you will be responsible for all shipping cost for repair work as you would with any brand new guitar warranty.

Guitars that were misused, neglected, or damaged by the customer will not be eligible for free repairs.

Save Money!

One of the biggest benefits of buying refurbished guitars is they are less expensive and will save you $$. We like to think of them as 'better than used and cheaper than new!' You know what you are getting as opposed to a 'used' guitar off the street and you can buy with confidence!

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